The Malecon at Puerto Peñasco

The Malecon (translation: the pier) is one if the primary tourist draws in Puerto Peñasco, and probably the most well-known. It is a collection of shops, restaurants, bars and attractions near the pier of the town. It is about a 15 minute drive once you enter the city. It is very easy to find: just follow the signs (there are dozens of them).

The Malecon is a great place to sightsee, grab a meal or a drink, and to shop if you’re looking for tourist trinkets. It is also a great place to enjoy an ocean view and watch one of Puerto Peñasco’s famous sunsets!

There are also at least a half dozen pharmacies on or near the Malecon, to go along with the dozens of pharmacies scattered around the town of Puerto Peñasco. Unlike in the United States, pharmacies here sell most medications without the need for a doctor’s prescription, so they are very popular with tourists!

There are many excellent options for food on the Malecon. Three of the restaurants that I tried while there are the Boo Bar, Lucky’s Cantina and Rocky Fish.

Although there are great reasons to visit the Malecon, there are a few things to beware of:

  1. The prices for food and most other items on the Malecon are considerably more expensive then most other places in Puerto Peñasco. A meal and a drink will often cost about 25 dollars, about the same as you would expect to pay in the USA for a similar meal. A beer will cost $2-3. Cocktails are also priced similar to US prices, anywhere from $5 to $10+ dollars unless you find a good happy hour special. These costs can be reduced a bit if you pay in pesos, as the currency conversion for paying with dollars or a card tends to favor the business.
  2. The vendors and restaurant employees can quite aggressive at times. You should definitely expect to be approached about buying a sunset cruise/fishing trip/jet ski rental. The curio vendors will ask you to come into their shops. Even restaurant wait staff will approach you on the street, asking you to eat at their establishment. This is nothing new in tourist areas of Mexico, but it can be unnerving for the uninitiated. Be ready to say ‘no, gracias’ – a lot. But also, be flexible and willing to consider visiting a store or restaurant based on these recommendations. You might end up finding something new that you enjoy – and you’ll make someone’s day if you say yes!
  3. The parking near the Malecon is paid – there are parking meters that take peso coins. However, there are also parking space available within easy walking distance that do not charge. I recommend parking there and walking the short distance to the pier. Also, there are sometimes people that will gesture you into a parking space. If you park there

Overall, the Malecon is a fun way to spend a day or an evening in Puerto Peñasco. There is plenty to do, from shopping, eating, or drinking a margarita to enjoying a banana split or a doughnut! And the views over the ocean can’t be beat!

Have you been to the Malecon? Share your experience in the comments! Have a question? Ask in the comments, and I will try to answer. Thanks for reading!

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